Saturday, June 18, 2016

Method to madness...

Method to madness
Tuesday,May 24, 2016

ye dil ye paagal dil
ye dil ye paagal dil
Kyon bujh gaya ................awaargi

On a Friday night, Gulam Ali singing amidst of Donald Trump claiming he will build the wall and
get penniless Amigos to pay for it….. And his voice clashing with a culturally different but philosophically similar Arvind Kejriwal screaming with his moustache twitching that entire India… and thus Modi is not letting him work.

This strange concoction also brought a sense of reality into the night. I said  there is sure madness in this guy's voice. I could hear wife yelling over her CNN boyfriend Anderson that " This Trump guy is totally mad. I sigh.. And  turn to my family Whatsapp group.. There is this never ending flow of jokes of a Delhi Chief minister called Arvind Kejriwal regarding his dramatics and how he would fail against their beloved Modi.

is dast mein ek shahr tha…………..Gulam saab on Youtube kept going.

is dast mein ek shahr tha
wo kya hua .............AWAARGEE
ye dil ye paagal dil mera

Seeing electric lines over my sky roof .. I saw lines converging but not colliding…  There I saw method. A method to madness. Here I am….. sitting in a third world deciphering three different paagalpans… yet they all seemed similar.

A guy transgressing someone's poem, knitting it through his masterful voice into your own madness
seamlessly. There is a guy with fluffy hair striking realism with 'hand' gestures and apocalyptic state that is to strike the states of his United country.And then shift gears, I see man with moustache that resembles someone from history yelling and crying yet the same time folding his hands to let world to allow him to work
…while eyes glancing over next bollywood release…

Who are these eccentric folks? Is the world really coming to an end? I question myself. More
importantly, I introspect to wonder why the hell am I drawn to these folks?  My shadow which was about to
sleep springs up… "hey do you remember that boy who most had given up?".  I said "there are
millions.. So what?".  It insisted "Do you remember that mad teenager who walked into an interview and
demanded that a position be created for him if the current one is not  for him"… I said "ok ok now you are
It smiled.. No dear. I am just a shadow.. But you are trying to see or not to see a shadow of yourself in these people…

Kal shab mujhe be-shakl ki awaaz ne chaunka diya
 mein ne kaha tu kaun ha???
usne kaha ................AWAARGEE
ye dil ye paagal dil mera

Business of conviction , simply put is  dedication your madness. No one expects to be real. Every leader and for that fact every individual hopes to tinge nerves based on what you show them and not what is in front of them. Hey, new enterprise coaches say "It is the art of selling"

This is why Trump being most narcissistic individual plays it more nakedly yet wins over a Rubio or a gentleman Kasich?. When was the last time any politician flouted his treasure blatantly yet win the votes of deprived?. When was the last time a man totally juvenile in his arguments held billions in his portfolio ???

When was the last time a man in modern India just wear a Gandhi cap and a chappal win an election with no experience whatsoever? When was the last time a politician in India ever won an election with a massive majority by taking money from people during elections instead of gifting them freebies?

You can question their language, their motives, their stupidity. But what you can't deny is that they believe in their convictions.

Ek ajnabi jhonke ne jab poochha mere ghum ka sabab..
sehra ki bheegi reth par..
maine likha……………awaargi ….
is dasht mein ek shahr tha..
wo kya hua ……………….awaargi ..
ye dil ye paagal dil mera

In a world that’s stifled with norms, diplomacy  and correctness, there comes a time, personality that defies you to think business as usual … you decide it can't be real and that you determine it preposterous for one to be this wild and try to go back to your daily diet of baked news, stiff ties, ironed suits  and the same un-kept promises.

You start yawning and gaze back to that crazy person. You go through the new phases of association..
You are amused - Hey why the heck not? He could be at least an entertainment!.
You are interested - He sounds stupid. But what has those looking smart delivered?
You are drawn  - Your faith in others have consistently failed, why not go against it and try different ..stupid hi sahi?

This is the method of madness that draws me to eccentricities of Trump and Kejriwal.

Do people believe that Trump is going to build wall? 90% don’t. But they hope. Having strangely bought into his rhetoric, his fans know he can't put a stone in that border. Their conviction lies in a faith that this rhetoric seems more acceptable norm instead of taking on same staple for another 5 years. As americans say , you cut them slack.

Every individual goes through mid-life crisis. Age is a literal matter… let's not cheapen by sticking to age. Consider your professional life. How long have you been happy doing the same stuff with the same position?. You start wishing for the next dream. You don’t know what that next is.. But you yearn for it…
Yes, even if you realize what you have  is good.. you are keen to  graze the same grass in a new field, you defend your action by stating "hey this is much greener"

That’s what Arvind  Kejriwal wants to capitalize on. Even he knows this fad with AAP may not lost
longer unless it grows. But idea is to keep driving the same cry wolf theory while doing what he can in his small domain. Keep telling the same story 100 times 100 different ways. With every small achievement of his govt, he tries to throw muck.  IF both sticks ….hoorray…  jackpot.  If one of them sticks, he is still a winner. He plays both his ticks and trips at such regular interval that it is going to stick with people who sees the connection.

His trick is pro-people governance and anticorruption. You might ridicule his anti-Modi jibes…but even as a hardcore Modi fan you wouldn’t compare his personal integrity with other leaders. That is his madness

Kal sab mujhe beshaql ki.. .
Aawaaz ne chaunka diya
Maine kaha.. Tu kaun hai…
Usne kaha……………….. AWAARGEE

In this world, it is easy to find a despondent lot easily than finding true north. 
How you wake up in the morning is out of your hands….
What you want to wake up to is within the realm of your dreams..
So dare to dream…
Most will call you crazy.. Few will term you mad…
But as long as you believe in your method to your madness, stay consistent and deliver results…

Others will find meaning to your madness….
Even if they don’t …
Remember most importantly.. You have the undeniable satisfaction of living your life..

Ek ajnabi jhonke ne
jab poochha mere ghum ka sabab
sehra ki bheegi reth
par  maine likha ………………….AWAARGEE
 Kal raat tanha chaand ko dekha tha maine
khwaab mein  mohsin mujhe raas ayegi
 shayed sada ……………….AWAARGEE
ye dil ye paagal dil mera