Monday, September 2, 2013

What got you here…..

Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle, khuda bandhe se yeh pooche “batah teri raza kya hein” ~ Allama Iqbal 

Yeah, music and songs of certain types gets me thinking more often than certain dry speeches and write-ups. 

An actor called Shah Rukh Khan once stood on the streets of Mumbai with virtually nothing to boast off of and claimed “ I will own this city “. Fast forward 2 decades, he achieved it in a sense by becoming a household name through his movies and extremely charismatic mannerisms and maneuvers. Will write more on the man himself some other time. But what’s it that makes certain people click? Call it his good fortune, talent or whatever, it worked for him. But then there are millions who aspire for stars but end up looking at tar. Everyone is entitled to dream, and only a very tiny fraction of people live to bring it to fruition.

What gets some of these achievers going? Is it the hunger? Is it the raw passion? Confidence?
It may be all of the above. Man’s drive is defined by his ambition. Only those who follow through that path of perseverance gets to reach there… sure there are spoon-fed, inherited boys n girls get into that space and invariably pass out not able to bear the pressure of expectations and continuous performance of excellence that’s expected off of them.

With success comes expectations, with struggle to survive comes the raw passion.. Don’t let anyone fool you that by making fashionable statements one attains his place in this dog eat dog world. Studying success of someone makes us make all those very funny statements. But what separates achievers from wannabee’s is the ZEAL to get it done.

You will go through the potholes of bureaucracy, mismanagement, poor timing, wrong projects and more importantly true test of your own competency. It is easy to belt out inspiring thoughts and messages and assume you have arrived after couple of hints or hits of success.
In the world of ‘get rich in thirty days’, there are various salesmen standing infront of door either selling a Steven Covey or Steve Jobs. There are others who wants to sell you more on emotional level pushing a Robin Sharma or Deepak Chopra’s in helping you gain inner peace. They are not fake, mistake me not. They sure can help you develop awareness, hone certain skills and even might provide you tools to address your blind spots. Use them as beacons to guide your runway. Don’t assume they autopilot your flight. You are the pilot, you own the ride. 

Sitaron se age jahan aur bhi hai aur bhi hai
Abhi ishq ke Imtehan aur bhi hai aur bhi hai

It always comes down to you on what on you want to achieve in your life. No life is too generic and broad. Define what success look like for you from the level you are in. For starters, aim small and near term. Use them as milestones. With each milestone achieve something more than what you achieved previously. For all you know you just want to good work in what you do in your salaried /student life…that isn’t bad at all. 90% of people may fall under this category with my unsubstantiated statement. But who cares about the statistics if you want to succeed badly but 100 others before you fell apart???

No person in the world became famous just because he wanted the world to be a better place from the get go... That’s an evolution. Every person starts with an individual ambition or for better choice of word ‘Greed’ of doing right by her/himself. This world doesn’t recognize anything more than success. Sure success is the subjective term with what you are or where you are….but unless you have arrived in the world of who knows who or who trumps who… you are another wannabee..
So where does one begin???

You start with yourself. It starts with your own survival instincts of establishing yourself. You need passion to get going on this. Your success defines you. If you fail….???? very possible your courage gets you going… yes, it is this courage to standup again is what separates a wannabee’s to doer…
But what keeps a doer going on and on and on despite of failures? It is his inherent confidence. If you don’t buy what you are selling, sorry my friend you have lost the battle before you even started. Every fight, every struggles begins with self confidence and conviction that YOUR thought is the right one to catapult you to the next level. Let that assessment be based on true evaluation, a blind chest thumping passion of assumption that u have the next best product isn’t going to cut it. Build a vision that is achievable, measurable, and predictable. Those are the child steps everyone has to take. Every bird crawls until it dares to fly. Let those small steps add feather into your journey, build a strong wing and then you will know when you are really ready to take that leap of faith ……

Tu shaheen hai, Tu shaheen hai Parvaz hai kam tera kam tera
Tere samne Aasman aur bhi hai
Tu shaheen he Basera kar Paharon ki chatano per
Tu shaheen hai tu Shaheen hai tu shaheen hai

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